Monday, March 1, 2010

Well it's Monday and I have to get something done. Worked on dolls yesterday so Iguess I will continue that line of defense :) This winter has been rough, you'd think that with all the snow that I would have gotten soooooooo much done and in fact it's been just the opposite. Why are we humans so subject to the weather??? You know, useless when it's grey outside, happy when it's sunny, anxious when it's windy, fearful when it's storming. I KNOW it has something to do with chemicals in the body and there is a perfectly good reason for it but honestly! it's irritating just the same :) I know for myself, spring just brings so many possibilities and I'm sure that this is the year I'm going to accomplish everything on my endless list. But of course this is never the case because as we all know when the weather gets sooooo beautiful then we just want to play instead of working. LOL, it really is a vicious cycle isn't it???? I know when I die that list of things to do is STILL going to be stuck on the fridge!!! All I ask is that it absolutely does not get buried with me. That's a haunting I don't thing I can deal with in the afterlife LOL!!!! Well off to get something done (hhmmmm think I've been here before) have a great day!!!!! Susie Q out